NetSoft Group
Malaz , Salah El Deen Road New Akarya
Riyadh , Saudi Arabia

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Tel: (+966) 1 477 7298
Fax: (+966) 1 476 6613


About NetSoft Group

NetSoft Headquarters in Riyadh-Saudi Arabia, with branches in Jeddah and Dammam.

Established in 1992, NetSoft has been expanding since the last 18 years, concentrating on providing an interrelated range of business solutions that focus on providing businesses the ability to create internal and external growth opportunities.

Our current customer strength is 150+ customers across the Kingdom.

Our Vision

NetSoft is driven by ambitions to make brand NetSoft, a leader in the Microsoft Business Solutions Consulting Services. We have a target to grow in the next three years.

NetSoft Roadmap to achieve by:

         2010 – We want to be among the top 2 Microsoft Business Solutions Provider in Saudi Arabia

         2011 – We want to be the number 1 in Saudi Arabia and top 3 in the Middle East

         2012 – We want to be the number 1 in the Middle East and among the top 5 in the world

Our Mission

To help us realize our ambitions, NetSoft’s committed Consulting team is its strength and we consider our Customers as our Partners in our growth. We are committed to the principle of recruiting the best and pay the best as per industry standards, so that, as our customer you get to interact with the best in the businesses. We value your time. 

We are also committed to retaining our team by applying the best HR strategies possible, for a company of our size.

By doing so, the NetSoftVendor2NetSoftConsultant2NetSoftCustomer relationship, becomes the dynamics, to effectively close projects within realistic time frames and budgets.  We plan to grow beyond what we have set out to achieve, and we are committed to this relationship as the cornerstone of the NetSoft foundation.

Commitment for us is a direction to be pursued, until it works for you.